Club Swim

Fall 2020


 Now enrolling for the Fall session, which is held at the heated Hurricane City Pool.  It runs September 21 through November 24, 2020. Monday - Thursday, from 5-6pm. If weather is good, we may extend the end of fall club swim to that first week in December, but will update all parents as we get closer to session end. Please use the link below to get registered. We look forward to Fall swim fun!

Being a part of the Black Line Swim Club gives kids the opportunity to develop swim skills, gain confidence, have fun, build friendships and develop strong minds and bodies through the sport of swim! 

Spring 2021


Spring session details will be updated soon.

We do have several parents who would like to continue club swim throughout December and January, instead of having a break. That session may be added, if I have enough interest in doing that. Please let me know if this is something you and your child would be interested in doing.  Thanks!

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