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"Heath has been working with our kids for 5 years. They've gone from good swimmers to amazing swimmers. He had our youngest doing butterfly kicks at 2 years old. He's been awesome as he really focuses on teaching them the proper technique. Plus he is so patient with the little ones. Melts my heart to see him work with special needs kids as well. He's very understanding yet knows when and how hard to push each child so they can reach their potential."

-Renee A.

"I have been swimming with Coach Heath for three years now. This will be my fourth year and it has been amazing! He is a great coach! He really knows what he is talking about and if you have a question or a problem, he is very easy to talk to. A huge plus with Coach Heath is that he doesn't play favorites; he treats all of his swimmers equally and really does his best to help all of us. When I first started with Coach Heath, I was swimming around a 37-42 second 50m.  Now I swim a 27 second 50m. Coach Heath does a lot of stroke technique, which really helps with training because he breaks up the strokes into individual pieces and then puts them back together. Since we focused on one part, the whole thing is much easier and faster. I would highly recommend Coach Heath to anyone and have done so in the past many times! Ten out of ten!"

-Courtney M.

"We love Black Line Swimming! Heath is an amazing teacher and he is so good with the kids. We used him for private swim lessons before joining with Black Line and my son has learned so much from him. Not only did he teach him how to swim, he's taught him how to be confident in the water. He is currently learning different strokes and how to become a stronger swimmer. He's only 6 and can swim better than I can! I would highly recommend Heath and Black Line to anyone, you really can't find anyone better."

-Dani M.

"Black Line has been fantastic for my boys! This group has a great community feel and uplifting atmosphere. Coach Heath is phenomenal with all the kids, they walk away with great knowledge of the sport and are constantly learning new techniques to better themselves. This team has surpassed my expectations and I'm so happy to be a part of it. I highly recommend Black Line to anyone."

-Lacie V.

"Black Line Swimming is the best. Heath is such a great coach and my kids love being instructed by him. He makes swimming fun and it's such an excellent way to keep active. Plus, with it being during the heat of the day, I don't have to worry about sunblock or sunburns because the rec center is indoors. Pricing is more than fair and I know my kids benefit during the summer from participating in it. I highly recommend Black Line Swimming!!"

-Heather B.

"I went from no technical swimming and random gasping for air during my first lap. NOW I can swim a smooth freestyle with a purposeful breathing technique. Coach Heath has helped strengthen my swim stroke technique and breathing and I'm able to swim for several miles! Thanks Blackline Swimming!" 

-Rochelle N.



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